Kia ora! Nau mai, haere mai ki tenei matatiki ora!

Greetings of health to you and welcome to this spring of well-being!


Rootslovewater™ is a wholistic wellness blog dedicated to preventative health, healing, well-being and continuous growth.

To break it down, what you will find here is a lot of material about ‘self-actualization’. This just means ‘knowing yourself’ and what you are potentially capable of.

Basically, getting to the Root of your true power as a creative individual.

It’s also about recognizing your natural talents, strengths, weaknesses and applying the wisdom of your own life experiences to your own life, growing your potential from the inside out.

Imagine that!

Not having to look to anyone or anything outside of yourself to create and live the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted.

My mission as the author of this blog is to enlighten and empower you the reader through a process that combines wholistic healing, lifestyle coaching and transformative learning that supports pathways to healing, well-being and ongoing personal growth.

At its core, this blog acknowledges that you are the only real expert of your life.

Let your life energy breathe light into your world

Your life experiences and insight are honoured here as the most powerful resource available to you.  In fact, your life is your priority, your profession and your purpose.

Rootslovewater™ is dedicated to helping you access those natural resources and use them to feed into your healing, growth and lifestyle transformations.

You know, being your true self and living in your purpose is a lifelong learning quest full of ups and downs, trials and pains, highs and lows, celebrations, mistakes, fears and love.

It really helps to have a reliable inner compass that can direct and guide us through these highs and lows, or else we may get sucked into the information vacuum that can cause the journey can either make or break us.

Within all of our experiences are precious lessons, jewels of learning and pearls of wisdom to be claimed, embodied and integrated into our lives.

If we are willing to uncover, discover and recover those gifts which are our birthright, we need to pay constant attention to what’s going on inside of us as well as be prepared and present enough to recognize the signs and what our lives are reflecting back to us, that will lead our way back to ourselves.

By cultivating strong roots. we grow from a firm foundation to keep us planted in our purpose. Our roots will nourish and support our journey, aspirations, goals and dreams, and our life experiences will provide us with the perfect or imperfect conditions to grow and thrive.


The purpose of Rootslovewater™ is to help strengthen your foundation and build a confident base to stand grounded in who you are and blossom becoming who you want to be.

This is a heart-centered space and can offer you practical everyday tools from a therapeutic background as well as from raw life and spiritual experiences.

It can offer you a supportive conditions for everyday living that may help sustain you in those rocky times and enlighten you to the gifts that life has to offer regardless.

As a companion resource rootslovewater™ promotes

  • self-awareness
  • self-healing
  • self-confidence
  • self-determination

All four of these qualities will encourage and empower your journey to self-actualization and full self-expression.

Rootslovewater™ is all about firsthand experience not secondhand information. 

If you want to stand strong in your truth and live according to YOUR own rhythm and vibe; then welcome!

Welcome to the journey back home to what we Maori refer to as your mana motuhake! Your sovereignty, your power center, your autonomy and the birthright to be uniquely you.

Being your best starts with feeding yourself with the right nourishment in mind, body and soul.

thegolden thread.jpg

The main focus of this blogosphere is to tend to the Root of all things in life.

Uncoiling and unlearning what is unhelpful and remembering what is!

Our source of life, inspiration, insight, passion, motivation, direction, wisdom and most of all JOY, all stem from within.

Yet how many of us ignore or hide all that good stuff away for the sake of our families, peers, careers, religion, opinions, fears and most of all our reputations and social image.

Be gone with all that! Life is meant for living vibrantly!

This is a space that is dedicated to digging up that rich garden of inner-resources that we all possess within.


Our most powerful re-source can be found within.  

Inner-shifts and changes in your circumstances can happen very quickly if nurtured with the right stuff and given the right conditions. 

Rootslovewater™ offers encouragement, empowerment and empathy to make it all happen.

You will find that there’s nothing flashy or glamorous about this space. Just passionate and heartfelt content that points to the truth of who you are.

The images in this blogosphere have all been captured in Aotearoa, New Zealand. They are a witness to nature’s inspiring beauty and the simple everyday wisdom that proves to you, who and what you really are.

This blog acknowledges our ancestress Papatuanuku, Earth mother and nature as our living-breathing, nurturer, healer, teacher and guide in this life.

She is a living example of who and what we really are in our natural state.  She contains all the elements of what we are made of and she expresses the cycles we go through in life.  She shows us how we can heal and grow and most importantly, she guides us to our true self.

I hope you enjoy the blog and find it useful.

Thank you so much for your Presence.  Mauri Tu, Mauri ora!  Let your energy be upright and life giving.