Kia ora and welcome to Rootslovewater™.  A blog that believes that life satisfaction is a by-product of the health and well-being of mind, body and soul.


Here, at Rootslovewater™ you’ll find a real no holds barred, practical and empowering kind of approach to personal growth and healing given from a w/holistic perspective.

I believe that successful and sustainable change are the results of vital shifts in our imagination.

Exposing truth from myth, can be a powerful experience affecting everything that happens in our inner and outer life.  From how we feel about ourselves, to our physical health and even the circumstances and situations we find ourselves in.

I realized this, after living most of my life in a state of adversity and emotional heartache. After growing up in an emotionally void environment and as a result ‘becoming emotionless’ and having a ‘rotten attitude’ toward life.

Basically this way of being was leading me on the road to nowhere and I had no other option but to re-imagine how I wanted my life to be if i wanted to enjoy the rest of my life. So from a young age I instinctively knew about the power of imagination, however for a long time I was misusing its force.

Once I became aware of this, I flipped the script (literally) and began to transform my mind, attitude, body and even my life’s circumstances as I started to become my true-self!

It wasn’t as straightforward as it sounds though.  I had a few bumps on the road, as you do in life. A major bump that kept popping up like a dirt bike track was the ’emotions’. I realized that ’emotions’ and ‘imagination’ were tag team partners in defining my attitude.

To cut a long story short, it was a phenomenal experience, a true miracle! Once that switch was flipped in my mind, the light of awareness never stopped expanding.

Life is a revelation of everything we imagine ourselves to be..

In my experience, changes that happen at the core of our being are forever changes. There’s no going back to the life we once lived before.  Everyday becomes an exciting and adventurous experience of awakening to the vital energy that life has to offer, even if it looks like nothing is happening on the surface!

Have you ever woke up and thought, “today’s the day that I’m gana make that change’..

In that moment you are dead serious. You really do mean it. But by the afternoon, days, weeks, or maybe months later, you’re back doing what you’ve always done?

I know.  Because people have made these vain promises to me, and heck, I’ve even made these promises to myself, many a time.

What I learned was that these so called half-assed pledges that people were making to me and that I was making to myself and even worse, what I was proclaiming to others, and even to God, (Lord have mercy) were short lived commitments.

Basically they didn’t happen, because they were all superficial and meaningless to me.   They weren’t the kind of changes that I needed to be making. I wasn’t really ‘feeling’ them and they weren’t impacting me on a deeper level.  They meant nothing!

It’s like any kind of relationship.  If you don’t feel them in your heart, it’s of no value to you!

It’s easy to slide back into old habits and patterns, when you don’t really know why you want to make changes or even more so, that you don’t believe in your ability to change. Then everything seems ‘impossible’.


This is where many of us become discouraged and give up on ourselves and our aspirations, especially if we haven’t developed the necessary resilience, fortitude and grit determination to dig deep within and push through tough barriers.

We have to find the value behind why we want to make changes. This begins with what and how we think about ourselves and the images we associate with our experience of life.

We all want results and rewards for the hard work we invest into our lives everyday.

None of us want to be dealing with the same old recurring stuff over and over again, right? Wasting precious time, energy and resources on temporary fixes.

As we think, we live, and how we live is a pretty good indication of how we think..

Rev. Maori Marsden

If you want to create lasting change, then an inside-out approach is your best bet for success. Good foundations stem from the roots of our being which is nourished by the heart.  Rootslovewater™ is all about cultivating strong foundations for lasting heartfelt change.

Hopefully, the content in this blog can help you cultivate a renewed mind, a healthier body and a liberated soul.

If you’re ready for a life that compliments who you really are and you want to feel more empowered and inspired to stand strong in your truth and live according to YOUR own rhythm and vibe; then welcome!

Welcome to the journey back home to your mana motuhake!

Here you will discover tools and info on all things to do with wholistic health, so you can begin to realize your potential from the inside out building a solid foundation that provides certainty, self-confidence and self-belief to live the life you’ve always imagined. 

temp_0 (61).jpgRootslovewater™ is here to support your inner-being and provide the empowering motivational kick up the ass, wherever needed, so you can thrive doing your thang.

If you read my blog posts you are invited to open your mind and feel what’s going on.

You are encouraged to be a little bit more daring and adventurous in your thinking, challenging yourself to take a leap of faith and maybe try out some of the suggestions and exercises on offer.

But if there is anything that I’d love for you to take away from here; it’s that you gain an awareness into who you really are under all the social layers and you may discover what you are truly capable of manifesting in your life!

Mauri Tu, Mauri ora!  Let your energy be upright and life giving.

Enjoy the blog and thank you so much for your Presence!

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