Mauri ora! Blessings of good health to you and welcome to Rootslovewater™.  

A blog that is committed to cultivating your inner-atmosphere to bloom from the inside out, weathering storms and manifesting rainbows.

temp_0-30Here, at Rootslovewater™ you’ll find a real empowering, no fuss and light-hearted approach to personal growth, healing, wellness and transformation!

The purpose of Rootslovewater™ is to cultivate confidence and prowess to live from the heart so you can manifest the life of your wildest imagination.

Successful and sustainable change stem from the roots of our being.  They are changes that are nourished by the heart.  Rootslovewater™ is all about cultivating strong foundations for lasting heartfelt change.


If you want to create lasting change, an inside-out and bottoms up approach is your best bet for success!

The intention of this heart centered space is to cultivate a renewed mind, breathe from a healthier body and blossom in your Soul-I-Tude.

This heart space can offer you practical and spiritual tools that will help you discover who you really are and what you are capable of creating in this life. If you want to feel more inspired and revitalised, maybe you need empowerment to stand strong in your truth and live according to YOUR own rhythm and vibe; then welcome!

2015-09-05-12-07-20Welcome to the journey back home to what we Maori refer to as your mana motuhake! Your sovereignty, your power center, your autonomy and birthright to be uniquely you.

Rootslovewater™ is here to support your inner-source of being and at times provide the motivational kick up the ass, to get real with yourself and live in your power.

Just a suggestion.  If you decide to read my blog posts, you are invited to open your mind and feel what’s going on within.  

You are encouraged to be a little bit more daring and adventurous in your thinking, challenging yourself to take leaps of faith and maybe even in-tegrate some of the suggestions and tools on offer.

But if there is anything that I’d love for you to take away from here; it’s that you gain an awareness into who you really are, and your inner spark if fired when you realize what you are truly capable of manifesting in this magical, beautiful, wonderful life!

Mauri Tu, Mauri ora!  Let your energy be upright and life giving.  

Enjoy the blog and thank you so much for your Presence!

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