Kia ora! Nau mai, haere mai ki tenei matatiki ora!

Greetings of health to you and welcome to this spring of well-being!

Rootslovewater™ is a therapeutic hub inspired by the ‘heart’ and ‘Whole-I-Ness’ of nature.

In a nutshell, it is a blog that directs you inward to access your own transformative power and cultivate solution based ideas for personal healing, growth and well-being.

The blogs main purpose is to uncover and recover hu-man potential and explore the Rootcauses of anything that may be hindering natural growth processes and the return to nurture and wellbeing.

Here you will find researched information, knowledge, simple exercises and tips to help understand and facilitate the transition to health and well-being.

The content here will include specific counselling and psychotherapy methods, physical and natural health, as well as spiritual and transformative learning all from a wholistic approach.

No part of your healing and holistic health will be separated here and no topic is off limits.

Everything we experience in life is regarded as a gift and resource that can be used for healing, growth and transformation.

Our most powerful re-source can be found within.  

Please enjoy and take what is useful-leave what is not and be kind and constructive in mind when commenting.

Thank you for your Presence.

Mauri Tu, Mauri ora!  Let your energy be upright and life giving.