Mauri ora! Blessings of good health to you and welcome to the blog committed to nurturing natures from the Roots up..

temp_0-30Rootslovewater™ is what I call the grassroots of wholistic wellness blogs.  

Everything you find here stems from the ground-up because this is a blog dedicated to the well-being, healing and sustenance of People, Nature and Life. 

Cloaked in the timeless wisdom of wholistic values and principles, Rootslovewater™ fosters metaphor, imagery and re/storying his/herstory to encourage growth and healing.

Inspired by the natural lore of the land, raw life experience and spiritual actualization, I draw universal content from the rich elements of earth, spirit and HU/Man.

The main focus of this blogosphere is to tend to the Root of all things in life.

It aims to celebrate life enhancing properties and uproot harmful toxicity that may be hindering and blocking the path to wholistic health, wellness and life satisfaction.  

Rootslovewater™ is all about firsthand experience not secondhand information. 

Roots Healing

Just like all living entities on this planet we all have Roots.  

Roots are life giving sy-stems that stem from a seed and form from one main root, known as the taproot.

Before a seedling starts to grow on the surface, the taproot must be firmly grounded. In order to do that, it burrows deeper and deeper into soil that provides stability, security, and safety

Rootslovewater™ would like to extend branches of possibilities for living a life of inspiration, passion, purpose and joy.  

Once the tap root is established and secure, smaller branch-roots begin to emerge.

They stretch out deeper into the soil, expanding into unknown territories, as the seedling begins to sprout. Roots instinctively seek water and nutrients to support the seed to grow into its full potential and weather the forces of nature. 

Our human roots are no different to a plants. Except, ours are grounded in the unseen non-physical part of who we are.

Our spirit, heart, right-mind and soul are what we draw from to keep us strong and steadfast in a world of chaos and uncertainty.

Our source of life, inspiration, insight, direction and wisdom all come from within.  

Yet how many of us ignore or hide all that good stuff away for the sake of our families, peers, careers, opinions, fears and most of all our reputations and social image.


Here is a space that intends to dig up that rich soil of inner-resourcefulness, so that the whole world can benefit from the fruits of your being, that only you can offer.

Our most powerful re-source can be found within.  

Inner shifts and outer changes can happen very quickly if given the right sustenance, environment and conditions.

When the shackles that keep us chained into the same intergenerational thinking and habitual behaviours are liberated, it is then that we are able to fully disclose and express who we are from the inside out.  This is the ultimate gift of life known as free will.

Living a fulfilling life begins with sustenance from the roots up and nurturing ongoing growth with a whole lot of heart and soul.

My highest intention for this space is to encourage and promote the expression of your true self, stripping back the layers and returning to all that you are..

The taproot of your nature. Your life giving source and stabilizer.

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Re-connecting to your roots is a lifelong learning quest full of ups and downs, trials and growth pains, pleasure and adversity.  

There are vital lessons and wisdom to be claimed within the contrast of these life experiences that can ultimately shake, make or break us.

Our inner environment supports our outer conditions to give us life, health, growth and fulfillment.


It is how we choose to live our lives and the meaning we give to it all, that is the fertile ground needed to thrive.

Any successful shift that we intend to make begins at the root of our being.  Ultimately, significant life changes are spiritual transitions that have been nourished by the heart and sustained by spirit.  

The purpose of Rootslovewater™ is to cultivate a strong foundation and a confident prowess to live from the heart and be who you really are regardless of what’s going on in your life.

This heart space can offer you alternative, practical and spiritual tools that will help uncover the real you and possibly discover what you are capable of creating in this life.

If you want to feel more alive and stand strong in your truth, living according to YOUR own rhythm and vibe; then welcome!


Welcome to the journey back home to what we Maori refer to as your mana motuhake! Your sovereignty, your power center, your autonomy and the birthright to be uniquely you.

Rootslovewater™ is here to support your inner-source of being and at times provide the motivational kick up the ass, to get real with yourself and live in your power.


Mauri Tu, Mauri ora!  Let your energy be upright and life giving.  

Enjoy the blog and thank you so much for your Presence!