Mauri ora! Blessings of good health to you and welcome to Rootslovewater™ a blog committed to nurturing natures from the roots up.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, rootslovewater™ .


My name is Paula,

And I’m just an everyday woman who wants to contribute something constructive to the world, while continuing to grow on my own journey.

This blog is an expression of that cause.

I’m grateful when I say that I’m a born thriver in life and you are too. We are all meant to thrive. But sometimes we experience stuff in the world that knocks us off balance and disheartens our sense of inner truth, security and well-being.

It doesn’t mean that we are broken and need to be fixed. It just means there is opportunity to grow.

No one likes to be told how they should be living their lives or worse yet, forced into giving their power over to some ‘professional expert’.  Because in reality, professional experts only know what we tell them.

Luckily, this blog and my work is nothing like that.

Rootslovewater™ is the flipside of all the hype we see today.  It’s more about being upfront and honest about the real issues affecting peoples health and well-being today by sharing a diverse range of wholistic and heart based content that is soulful and real.

Working on re-membering and re-connecting to your natural self and who you really are is where growth and healing begins.  Changing the things you can and peeling back layers of who you’re not is the groundwork that we must undertake.

:Rootslovewater™ fosters four pathways to growth and wholistic healing:

  • self-awareness
  • self-healing
  • self-expression
  • self-determination

temp_0-30The resources and tools provided are only one route of many.  They can be used as a template for wholistic growth, healing and well-being.

 It’s up to you how you use them.

As a trained Indigenous counsellor and wholistic life coach, my work is value-based and built upon the 3 Indigenous principles:

  • respect
  • reciprocity
  • right relationship with all natures

This means that I operate within the energy of a collaborative and co-creative relationship.

What I share here, is not coming from a place of expertise, it comes from a place of interdependence and the one universal mind.  It is in this space that we all learn and grow from each other.

People are the only real experts of their lives and deep down, most of us know this. We’ve all walked different paths and stumbled along the way only to pick ourselves up and move forward again.

And, I really and truly believe in people’s natural ability to grow through adversity.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that these ‘stumbles’ are exactly what we need to move into our true potential.

It’s like what the logotherapist Viktor Frankl says,

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”


What I’d like to say from my heart to yours is that, we all possess within us the natural ability to grow, blossom and thrive.

In Rootslovewater™ I open my heart, mind and soul to you all.

I’d like to share a part of me, heart to heart, spirit to spirit. I want to offer some of the co-creative learning tools that I’ve gathered along my personal journey, in the hope that they may be of service to you and empower you as the expert, visionary and creator that you really are.

In Rootslovewater™ I will do my best to keep content raw and real only ever sharing from an unconditional place

It is our birthright to express ourselves fully and be who we were born to become.

Please enjoy and use what you can to benefit yourself, your family, your communities and our beautiful Mother Earth.

Thank you for your Presence

 My highest and heartfelt blessings