Kia ora! Nau mai, haere mai ki tenei matatiki ora!

Greetings of health to you and welcome to this spring of well-being!

Rootslovewater™ is the blog space for an integrated wellness service in Aotearoa, New Zealand called Te Putake Waiora.


The foundation of this service and blog is built upon wholistic wellbeing and Waiora which springs directly from the spiritual dimension.

The vein of this blog flows from Maori/Indigenous based knowledge, values and principles.

It is dedicated to personal, familial, social and ecological healing, growth, health and well-being.

As a resource companion, rootslovewater™ hopes to provide inspiring and empowering information, healing intentions, as well as simple and practical life coaching tips and tools and examples for wholistic wellness and life satisfaction.

If you are looking to transform or improve the condition of mind, body and soul then this blog and service offers an alternative approach for doing so.

For those who are seeking a more spiritual, the indigenous and ancestral pathway is a diverse and inclusive approach to healing, personal growth and self-actualization based on wholistic principles and values.

The name Rootslovewater™ signifies the essence of a wholistic journey from transformation to transpiration.

Our human roots are grounded within the nourishing earth. It is here where the spring of our total well being can be cultivated, as we live out our physical lives here.temp_0-56

The water symbolizes our wairua/spirit, the source of our divinity that provides our human roots with the elements needed to sprout, grow and transpire into our full potential.  

Both realms merge through our pumanawa our creative/intuitive center of being, where the seat of our heart, mind and soul orchestrates our reality, either through love or fear… 

Rootslovewater™ strongly encourages human potential through self-awareness and transformative learning.

Basically, this blog is about planting seeds of awareness and reconnecting people back to their natural state of being, using a diverse range of wholistic methods and the deep wisdom of earth and spirit.

Rootslovewater™ embraces and integrates the potent healing properties of nature’s elements that are essential to our livelihood, sustenance and well-being.  


The intention of rootslovewater™ is to provide heart-centered resources and tools to cultivate and restore balance, vitality and life satisfaction.

Flourishing human natures begins with planting and nurturing seeds of aroha.

Aroha being the core feeling vibration of divine spirit and the equivalent to unconditional love and acceptance in the english language.

Coming from a place of Aroha means we acknowledge and accept that our life is a gift.

When we become aware of this we begin to accept and value our life and who we are, treating it like the taonga or the precious gift that it is, even in our darkest moments.

The effects of this powerful yet natural phenomenon is that we re-member our true being, that we are the embodiment of aroha and that we all possess the power inside of us to accomplish the beautiful things that we imagine ourselves and our lives to be.

You’ve probably heard it.  If you dream it, you can create it.  If you imagine it with your minds eye, you can make it happen, this is the power of our imaging faculty..

This knowing and awareness gives us the confidence, resilience and courage to extend our gifts to our families, communities, our natural environment and all that dwell within.

This becomes our fundamental purpose as spiritual beings living a human life. And regardless of what’s going on in the world this is the taproot that strengthens and grounds our being, to weather any circumstance.

The greatest gift is the gift of yourself.  The most beautiful gift is the Love freely given from you to another.

-C.C Nuckols

Your inner resourcefulness is the source of your outer experience in life. Aroha kei roto, aroha ki waho..Love within extends love without..

This blog intends to expand your thinking and perception beyond what you already know or what you think you know about yourself and your purpose on this earth.

It’s about opening your heart to unexplored possibilities and experiencing everyday miracles you are capable and worthy of creating and experiencing.

Please enjoy and use what you can to benefit yourself, your family, your communities and our beautiful mother earth.

Thank you for your Presence

 My highest and heartfelt blessings