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I’m Paula, the creator/director of a Wholistic wellness service based in New Zealand called Te Putake Waiora.

Professionally I am a trained Wholistic Counsellor, Professional life Coach and Adult learning facilitator.  I specialise in transformative learning, Reimagining, Emotional intelligence and Attitude adjustments.

I believe in resilience and people’s natural ability to thrive through adversity, which is how this space came about.

I stand strong in my ancestral lines of Maori/Irish heritage and was born and raised in the beautiful land of the long white cloud, known as Aotearoa, New Zealand.

My passion has always been to empower and liberate individuals from the ‘shackles’ of the mind and deconstruct walls and barriers to growth through self-awareness.

Success, love and joy in life are not ‘reserved for those who deserve’.

I was motivated to start this blog to empower those who feel trapped in dissatisfying lifestyles and circumstances and who seek another way.


I began my journey (as we all must) in the school of life, with all its ups and downs.

Born and raised in the ‘hoods’ and lower socio-economic realm of a grassroots Maori community. I was a young mother in an abusive relationship, living in poverty, dealing with alcohol and drug addiction from a young age with very little emotional support.

Basically I had to rely on myself.  As an emotionally detached human being, I began to analyse my emotions and take the reins of how i dispersed them.  In doing so,  I began to develop a deeper relationship with my true being, which is spirit.

I later acquired my formal education in Maori/Mauri and Multicultural Counselling, which is an indigenous and wholistic approach to healing and conscientization.

To further my studies I completed a Professional Coaching diploma to develop skills in the life coaching arena and completed my Graduate diploma in Education Studies focusing on adult programme planning, particularly liberation education and transformative learning facilitation.

Over the past seven years I’ve studied, researched and continued to work on integrating all aspects of my lifelong learning and formal education to form a wholistic approach to healing, human potentialities and self-actualization. This is pretty much the backbone of what I do, built upon universal spiritual values and principles.

foxgloveWeaved throughout my work is the interconnectedness to nature and helping people invite the wisdom and knowledge of the natural world and our Earth mother back into their lives for the sake of her healing and our well-being.

This part of my work encompasses natural remedies, herbalism, traditional native rongoa/medicine, deep ecology and self-sufficient lifestyles.

The benefits that our motherland freely gives/gifts to us is abundantly on offer. Regardless of whether we live in city or country, mother nature provides us with all the sustenance in mind, body and soul that is needed to thrive in life.

It’s time we give back and stop violating her offerings.  It’s time we love her and treat her with respect, just as our ancestors once did.

Personally, I’ve used nature therapy successfully from a very young age to heal emotionally, physically and soulfully from traumatic events that have occurred in my life.

I’d be happy to answer any questions about the content in this blog or my services. If you have any queries, please leave your details below.

In the meantime, remember that you are a seed full of wonderful possibilities always expanding and growing throughout the journey of life.